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Dr. Skylar Stumpf DTCM, MTCM, LAc dually specializes in Internal Medicine (中醫內科)  with a focus on psychological health; and in Physical Medicine (中醫骨傷科) treating orthopedic injury and rehabilitation. In treating the associated multi-system symptom complex, he values compassion and sensitivity: understanding the profound impact on life chronic illness and pain exerts.


With a doctorate in the field, Skylar extends this level of expertise to every patient visit. Less than 5% of all U.S. Licensed Acupuncturists have obtained a professional doctorate degree. With studies completed through Five Branches University and the Institute for Functional Medicine (a national institution accredited with commendation by the Accreditation Commission of Continuing Medical Education), Dr. Stumpf utilizes advanced biomedical diagnostics and traditional medical theory, going beyond the limits of either approach in isolation. Patients can be confident that every clinical decision is informed by the highest quality evidence and clinical expertise.


Integrating herbal medicine with root-cause functional medicine, soothing massage and acupuncture, your trust is fully honored as we walk together toward health and wellness.

Large selection of traditional chinese herbs used in alternative herbal medicine in wooden


Utilizing Wild-Crafted, Organic, Ultra-Pure Herbal Medicine

Santi Integrative Health prescribes custom herbal formulae consisting of ingredients with potency and clinical efficacy. Herbal constituents are grown and processed according to ancient principles of cultivation, and are sourced from their original and native locations as recorded in the canon of Chinese Medicine. They are then high-pressure/low-temperature extracted as a 10:1 concentrate. Each formulation is hypoallergenic and tested by a third-party for purity.

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