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Vision - 


Join the wisdom of the ancients and modern science,

to support the nourishment and bloom of life: mind-soul-body.


Professional offerings encompass primary healthcare integrating

traditional Chinese and Functional Medicine; organoleptic analysis and medical writing for Santa Cruz-based natural medicine corporation Kan Herb Company;

sourcing and promulgation of organic and wild teas from pristine ecologies;

Qigong instruction, and community outreach.


Dr. Skylar Stumpf, founder and CEO, has advanced medical training; studies were completed through Five Branches University Graduate School

of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine. 


Skylar holds a Doctorate and Masters of Science in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with a specialization in Asian medical bodywork, and is licensed as an acupuncturist and primary care provider (PCP) in the State of California,

with seven years of experience in the field of Integrative Health.




Sān 三: three, triple, many

Tǐ 體: body, substance, system


In Mandarin, Sāntǐ 三體: tripartite, triplet

In Italian, Santi: awakened ones

In Haitian Creole, Santi: feel, sense


In French, Santé: health

In Sanskrit, Śānti शान्ति: serenity

In Mandarin (Southwest), Shāntǐ 山體: massif



All things arise from the tripartite form. 

This is the gateway.

-Sun Lutang

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