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Acupuncture close up



Acupuncture is one of the safest and most prescribed medical interventions of human civilization. It involves the evaluation and diagnosis of the patient in their totality, first. Then, within a relaxing and peaceful setting, the body is stimulated at key spaces with pressure, heat, and/or extremely fine, single-use needles.


This generates a cascade of biological processes, regulating and modulating: hormones, neurotransmitters, psycho-emotional states, cytokines (inflammation), endorphins, pain response, organ function, muscle fibers, fascial planes, gene expression and various protein interactions. In the language of Chinese Medicine, the home of acupuncture, we call this effect “regulating the qi and blood within the meridian”.

What is a "Meridian"?

The meridians of Chinese Medicine are a processual gestalt: including skin, muscles, tendons, bones, fascia, nerves, blood vessels, lymph, and viscera of the human body. Meridians are not separate anatomical entities; rather they are maps of physiology, sensation, and information described in eminently pragmatic and systematic terms.

Does acupuncture work?

Yes! In fact, the World Health Organization, the US Veteran Affairs, the American College of Physicians, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services acknowledge the efficacy of acupuncture as a non-opioid medical intervention for chronic pain.

Who can practice Chinese Medicine?

Only individuals with a Masters degree or higher in Chinese Medicine are legally licensed to practice the art and science of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, including herbalism. A minimum of 3000 hours of didactic and clinical education is required to sit for the board licensing examination. A license is required to practice in the state of California.


A Comprehensive Treatment includes a thorough medical intake, diagnosis, and treatment plan. By integrating acupuncture, medical massage, cupping, and guasha; functional medicine; herbal, diet, and exercise prescriptions; each session is designed to treat the root cause of myriad medical symptoms, clearing stress, and elevating the psyche.


There is sensation to acupuncture treatment; generally it is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, with minimal discomfort.


The results can be profound. More than one session is almost always necessary for successful treatment and alleviation of symptoms. Tranquility and increased comfort within the body can be expected on the first visit. 


Explore the Research.

If you are interested in taking an easeful and rewarding journey into the world of acupuncture research, consider exploring the Evidence Based Acupuncture project.

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