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"Primordial" Liu Bao, Guangxi 2005

"Primordial" Liu Bao, Guangxi 2005

This is one of Dr. Skylar's all-time favorite teas. Crystal-clear core with profound aged notes. Beautiful throat feel and strong body sensation. This tea is an excellent work, study, or meditation companion. Many steeps are possible.


Notes of betel nut, ginseng, sandalwood.


100 and 200 gram Packs.


~60 cents per cup of tea.

Yields 30-40 oz of brewed tea per serving.

15-30 servings per pack equaling 450-900 ounces of brewed tea.


    Big-leaf Puerh tea, Camellia Sinensis var. assamica, orginates from Yunnan Province in China's southwest, the region from which the tea species first evolved and crossed over into human use.


    "Primordial" comes from a big-leaf varietal grown in Guangxi province and neighboring regions. It is Liu Bao, a different class of tea than Shou Puerh. Aspects of Liu Bao production show up in Shou Puerh production, as the Shou methodology has a basis in the production of Liu Bao. Liu Bao is actually the older process style.


    Liu Bao undergoes a specialized aging process to yield a tea which is earthy, malty, dark, and rich, with little astringency and bitterness. The leaves are generally dried over a pine-wood fire, imparting an iconic palette. This tea has moderate caffeine level and is both energizing and soothing. Replete with probiotics and its own microbiome, it supports digestion, can be consumed while fasting, and can be brewed any time of day, or even across multiple days, with a quick rinse of boiled water every 12 hours.


    A clay teapot or gaiwan (lidded cup) is the recommended brewing vessel. Rinse the tea with boiling water before brewing, as this initial step hydrates the dried leaf after decades of aging. Use 5-10 grams of loose tea per session. Expect to steep this tea 7-12 times. Recommended steeping time is 10-45 seconds with boiling water.


    If you have any further questions, please reach out to Dr. Skylar Stumpf LAc, DTCM. He is always interested in talking tea! If you would like to dive deeper into the beauty and nuances of tea practice, consider booking a Tea Medicine Session.


    If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to We are committed to excellence and purity with our products, and we stand behind that committment with flexbility and care for our customers. We may not be able to refund the purchase due to its consumable nature, but we are always open to finding a satisfying solution.


    Please allow up to 48-72 hours for orders to ship, althought most orders ship by next day. Shipping cost is an estimate at time of purchase, and may be slightly less or more. A tracking number will be provided to you when the product leaves the facility. Thank you!

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