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"Jade Crown" Organic Matcha, Kagoshima 2022

"Jade Crown" Organic Matcha, Kagoshima 2022

100% Organic True Ceremonial-grade Matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. This Matcha is produced in a region with an active volcano, and soil so rich with minerals and nutrients that absolutely zero (even organic) fertilizer needs to be used. This very special matcha is crafted by a 10th degree Tea Master (Chashi), a ranking only 13 individuals have world-wide.


Small and Medium size packs.

For best flavor, please use water heated to 140 °F or below.


~$1 per serving of matcha.

Yields 8 oz of brewed matcha per serving.

~30 servings per pack equaling 240 ounces of brewed matcha.


    Matcha is a traditional form of green tea produced in Japan. The whole tea leaves are shaded in a precise way to promote very high chloryphyll and antioxidant compounds. This generates a smooth, deeply rich umami flavor enjoyed by tea artisans within the ceremonial tea room, and by tea lovers everywhere. It is whisked when prepared, as this was the method of tea preparation that came with the tea plant to Japan from China by the monk Eisai (who also brought Zen Buddhism to Japan) in the 12th century. Not all matcha is of a grade which befits it for drinking alone. The matcha carried through Santi Integrative Health is the highest grade and can be whisked only with water (warm or cool) or added to milk-options for a delicious latte. Matcha is the quintessential tea for whole-being health.


    The tea plant has special medicinal properties within the traditions of Asia: a view similarly shared by modern science. Tea interrupts inflammatory cascades through multiple channels by its extremely potent antioxidant compounds called catechins, the most famous and well-studied being EGCG. The amino acid L-Theanine in tea crosses the blood-brain barrier to modulate psychological states, producing a calm alertness. When very fine, artisanal tea is brewed with presence and an open mind, the inherent physiological medicine combines with the meditation of ritual to create a powerful mind-body therapy. Cognition, emotional intelligence, somatic awareness, creativity, and spiritual insight have been found to blossom through tea practice by many cultures.


    If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please reach out to We are committed to excellence and purity with our products, and we stand behind that committment with flexbility and care for our customers. We may not be able to refund the purchase due to its consumable nature, but we are always open to finding a satisfying solution.


    Please allow up to 48-72 hours for orders to ship, althought most orders ship by next day. Shipping cost is an estimate at time of purchase, and may be slightly less or more. A tracking number will be provided to you when the product leaves the facility. Thank you!

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